Saturday, April 6, 2013

Book Review: Geoff's Teddy (Synchronous Seductions #3) by Havan Fellows

In the next book in the Synchronous Seductions series, Ritchie's assistant, Geoff, finds the man of his dreams in the burly bear of a man, Fuzzy, one of Emery's top employees. After a night of revelations and firsts, the two men develop a deep connection. Fuzzy has always been a ladies man, but something about the adorable dark-eyed man has him mesmerized.

I thought this was an extremely sweet story and really enjoyed it! Both Fuzzy and Geoff are very like able characters that I rooted for every step of the way. The GFY angle was done in such a way that didn't seem too cliched or make me want to roll my eyes. This story definitely provided the deep, emotional aspect that its predecessor, Emery's Ritches, lacked. It was nice to see all of the couples from the books come together and I hope to see more from them in the future!

It's not 100% necessary to read the two previous books in the series, but I would highly recommend doing so because you may find yourself a little confused and lost, especially when other characters from the series are mentioned.

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