Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Something Just for Me by Twilightobsessed09

Something Just for Me by Twilightobsessed09

As the son of wealthy and powerful parents, who are prominent in society, Jasper has been forced to hide who he truly is. Although he's come out to his parents, they ignore his sexuality and brush it off, fearing their reputations and livelihood would be destroyed. One night, Jasper finds himself in a part of town known as an easy place to pick up prostitutes. He's never done anything like this before, but is immediately drawn to a gorgeous young man on the corner. Jasper hesitantly picks up the troubled man, Edward. This experience is different for Edward. Although he is selling himself, Jasper treats Edward with respect, something other Johns lacked.

Jasper continues to frequent Edward's corner, but soon realizes his feelings run deeper than just the physical. Edward has some pretty major baggage of his own, but is enamored by the man who treats him like he's special, worthy and good.

This story is awesome! I was immediately sucked into the world Twilightobsessed09 created and find myself wanting to know more and more about these complex men, both of whom are hiding their true selves for one reason or another. As the story progresses, the plot continues to thicken to the point that I wait anxiously for the next chapter. Twilightobsessed09 has created characters, both primary and secondary, that are very flawed, but also interesting, likeable and all around good. Jacob and Tanya are two stand outs as the best friends of Jasper and Edward respectively.

Please give this incredible story a try! I highly recommend it!

Check out the Something Just for Me blog for inspiration pictures, music and character descriptions.

~ M

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