Wednesday, April 3, 2013

He's Blue by Jasper-is-hot

He's Blue by Jasper-is-hot

Jasper has just come out of the closet to his family and closest friend, Bella. He's also been crushing on the most popular guy in high school, and star football player, Edward. When Edward suddenly starts hanging around him and Bella and reveals that he would like for Bella to pretend to his girlfriend, Jasper doesn't know what to think. How will he be able to watch his best friend and the man of his dreams pretend to be in a relationship every single day without falling apart?

This is very cute story that will bring a smile to your face. Jasper and Bella are really adorable with their dorky nature, but you soon see them blossom as they become part of the "cool" crowd, thanks to Edward, who has a few secrets of his own. He and Jasper have to carefully navigate their growing feelings for one annother without revealing their true nature to their judgemental and fickle friends.

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