Monday, April 22, 2013

Sweet Young Thing by naelany

Sweet Young Thing by naelany

Carlisle knows real love. He shared an incredible life with his partner, Liam, but sadly lost him when he passed away. When he meets Edward, who is half his age, he experiences conflicting feelings: part of him loves spending time with the young man, but the other part is self-conscious about their age difference and all the potential problems that could create. Will Carlisle and Edward be able to look past that one aspect of their lives or will it prevent them from experiencing true happiness?

I absolutely adore this story! Carlisle is an interesting character. He's passionate and strong, but also has quite a vulnerable side, especially when it comes to his relationship with Edward and his feelings. Edward is a unicorn: that perfect guy who not only has a great head on his shoulders, but also knows what he wants at pretty young age. I wish I'd been that together in my early twenties! lol The way Carlisle and Edward's relationship develops is so sweet and true-to-life that I couldn't help but root for them. Even though age seems to be an issue to Carlisle and a couple other characters, I never noticed it. They were just men getting to know each other and establishing a lovely friendship and romance.

I also have to mention the character, Randall. He was a great addition to the story who supports both Carlisle and Edward and, in some instances, stole the show.

I highly recommend this wonderful story!

~ M