Friday, April 26, 2013

Reunited (United Trilogy #2) by Hank's Lady

Reunited (United Trilogy #2) by Hank's Lady - COMPLETE

Nearly 100 years after the sad events of United We Fall, a reincarnated Edward and Jacob meet when they are assigned as roommates their first year of college. Both young men sense something oddly familiar about the other, but are too shy to say anything out of fear of freaking each other out. Slowly, but surely, the two opposites form a great friendship. As their friendship strengthens, so do their memories of the past. Will Edward and Jacob be able to rekindle the loving relationship that was so tragically stolen from them a century earlier or will they allow fear and confusion to get in the way?

After my heart was broken at the end of United We Fall, I was so happy to read this sequel! The slow progression of Edward and Jacob's relationship was delightfully sweet and heartwarming. They both supported each other through tough times and were able to build upon the feelings and relationship they shared in the past. If you liked United We Fall, you definitely need to read this sequel!*

~ M

Reunited is not a stand alone story. In order to fully understand what's going on, it's highly recommended that you read United We Fall first.

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