Monday, April 15, 2013

Worthwhile by dragontattoo75

Worthwhile by dragontattoo75

A weekend getaway in the woods sounds like a great time for Jasper and his friends. However, when his best friend's older brother, Edward, decides to tag along, Jasper knows the next couple of days will be more uncomfortable than enjoyable. Jasper has had a crush on the enigmatic man since he was young, but never pursued anything because he's not yet out of the closet and because Edward is older and way out of his league. When the weekend gets underway, Jasper makes some startling, yet welcome, discoveries.

If you ever want to truly feel the emotions of the characters in a story, Worthwhile is perfect for you. Jasper's nervousness, desire, fear, and confusion were so wonderful palpable throughout this entire story. The UST, mild angst and sweet fluff were perfectly balanced, so I didn't feel overwhelmed or bogged down by any one feeling. This story is highly recommended!

~ M

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