Thursday, August 15, 2013

Author Spotlight: Lily G. Blunt, Author of New Release, Boys on Film

Lily G. Blunt was kind enough to sit down for a quick interview to talk about her experiences as a m/m romance author and her latest release, Boys on Film.


In what ways does the m/m romance genre appeal to you?
You mean apart from the gorgeous guys and the red-hot sex scenes? Seriously, I only read m/m fiction now and have done for the past two or three years. I love the idea of two guys being in love and demonstrating their feelings and emotions for each other.

Out of all of the short stories and books you've written/published, what is your favorite and why?
It has to be A Darker Shade of Oxford Blue. It was my first attempt at writing a novel, which I did over the course of six months, and then edited it repeatedly over the following fifteen months before it was finally published. I fell in love with my boys and gained so many friends because of this story.

One of my all-time favorite stories of yours is Happy Anniversary, Jasper, followed very closely by your free read Nothing Compares. What was the inspiration behind Happy Anniversary, Jasper?
Thank you. Like most authors I’m sure, the main idea of the story just came into my mind all of a sudden. I can’t remember where or what I was doing at the time. Usually it’s a phrase in a song that sparks off a story for me, but not this time. I wrote the outline of the story very quickly before stepping back and then adding the details. I love reading and writing angst, and this one had me in tears on several occasions as I wrote it.

Were you at all nervous about the reaction to the ending of the story or pleasantly surprised? Why?
I was very surprised with the response to the story. People were tweeting about it, writing in blogs, commenting on Facebook as well as sending me messages and reviews on FF.  Most people loved it even though it made them sob, and I was told I should have given it a ‘tissue warning’. It won 1st place award in a best tearjerker category and was nominated for several other awards. I’ve since learnt that people who publish the m/m genre expect HEA or at least HFN. Not all my stories end this way!

I've learned that you love a healthy dose of angst. In what ways do you think angst improves your stories, or stories in general?
I love reading and writing angst. Nothing like a good cry to make you feel happy! For me, it somehow intensifies the feelings between the two guys. I just love a story where the guys split or are fearful of a breakup. It sends tingles down my spine. These heart lurching scenes demonstrate “I love you” more so than the spoken words themselves. Oh, and the make up sex is usually great!

What advice would you give aspiring writers who are trying to break into the world of m/m romance?
Write, write and keep on writing—whether you intend to publish it or not, and don’t delete what you write. Keep it and work on it at a later date even if you’re not happy with it!  Also read as
much as you can, taking note of different features and styles of writing. There are some fabulous m/m authors out there to inspire you. Focus on plot development, the portrayal of characters, sentence construction, the use of ‘wow’ words, how to show rather than tell a story—anything to improve your writing skills. Join Facebook or local writing groups to get advice. Don’t be frightened of asking what you think are petty questions—there are so many helpful people out there, especially in the m/m author community. Get several people to read your work for you who can offer constructive criticism. Write your story as you want it, and not how you think people expect you to write.

Tell me about your current/forthcoming novel.
My latest novel, Boys on Film, is available now. It tells the story of Stefan, a porn star who is confused about his sexuality, and Nate, an unpublished author of gay erotica.

Set in an opulent house in San Diego that also serves as a porn studio, the story follows Stefan as he falls in love with Nate, a budding author from England, and in the process comes out as gay. Despite working in a gay porn studio and having sex with his best buddy, Dan, on a regular basis, Stefan outwardly claims to be straight, although he enjoys the sex and substantial pay he earns from his gay videos. This changes when he meets Nate, who has been given the opportunity to observe the inner workings of Blue House Film Studios to add realism to his latest erotic novel.

What are you writing at the moment?
I plan to complete three fanfiction works in progress that I put on hold while writing my latest novel. I’m also writing a story using Van Gogh’s paintings and Don Maclean’s Vincent as my inspiration.



Thanks, Lily, for a wonderful interview! Be sure to purchase your copy of Boys on Film, available now on! 

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