Thursday, August 1, 2013

Of Jealousy and Everlasting Love by Mrs. Agget

As Nasir and Agron are enjoying a night out with friends, things take a scary turn. A man, who refuses to listen to the fact that the kindhearted Nasir is already taken, brings out the dark and ugly side of Agron's personality: jealousy and hotheadedness. In order to protect what's his, Agron must defend his love and their relationship.

I'm new to the Spartacus fandom, but I've watched numerous youtube videos featuring characters Agron and Nasir. I must say they are absolutely adorable! I really enjoyed this AU look at their relationship. As always, the MCs love is so strong that you can't help but smile and say "aww". I would definitely recommend giving this story a try. Mrs. Agget always produces great work and this is definitely no exception!

~ M

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