Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eternal Beloved by soulmateficwriter

Eternal Beloved by soulmateficwriter

After Jasper passes away, Edward is, obviously, extremely distraught. He's lost his soulmate and his other half. Although he's enjoying his time in heaven and has accepted the fact that it was his time, Jasper can't help but feel helpless when Edward's pain and grief heightens. So Jasper watches over his husband and encourages him to move on and live. He'll be waiting for Edward when the time comes, but in the meantime, it's imperative that Edward not dwell on his pain and feelings of loss. Will Edward be able to move forward or will he remain locked in his grief and sadness?

This story is lovely. Although the overall subject matter is sad, there is the sweet twinge of hope that soulmateficwriter (formerly marriedmyedward) successfully conveyed. I knew that one day Edward and Jasper would be reunited, but until that point, Edward had to move forward, live and love once again.

One aspect of the story that really struck a chord with me was the use of Edward and Jasper's dog, Truce, as a liaison of sorts between the living (Edward) and the spirit world (Jasper). I can think of many instances in which my own dogs have looked off into space as if having a conversation with someone who obviously isn't there. I always figured it was a loved one or guardian angel watching over me, so seeing that in this story brought a smile to my face.

Definitely check out this one shot! It's so worth it! :D

~ M

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