Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Torn by Hank's Lady

Torn by Hank's Lady

Jacob has a great life. He's married to a great woman and they have a sweet little girl named Sarah. However, over the years, Jacob has sought out men to fulfill certain needs that cannot be met by Leah. He feels horrible about cheating on his wife, but cannot seem to let go of his attraction to men. When he meets Paul through work, Jacob desperately tries to resist the attractive and desirable man in front of him; the ultimate exercise in futility. Will Jacob be able to satisfy his needs and walk away or will he continue to play with fire knowing that he's breaking his marriage vows?

Wow! What an interesting story! It's not often that I read stories involving Paul, but this one really caught my attention. Jacob's inner turmoil in trying to do what's right in terms of his marriage and family, but also making himself happy is sad to read. I understand that the cheating aspect may turn some people off (I'm not a big fan of cheating stories either), but I hope you'll give this story a chance. It's still in its early stages (at the time of this post), but I'm sure there are many twists and turns to come. I can't wait to see how this turns out!

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