Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'll Splash Colour on This Grey by peloquine

I'll Splash Colour on This Grey by peloquine

Despondent, depressed and hopeless, Agron carries the burden of guilt after the tragic death of his brother, Duro. No one can get through to him and he seems hellbent on destroying himself as penance. While getting a tattoo in honor of Duro, Agron meets Nasir, a kindhearted tattoo artist who would give the shirt off his back for a friend. The two begin a tumultuous relationship, fighting and succumbing to their feelings in hope that the cloud of darkness will not forever hang overhead.

Wow! This story is riveting! It's full of angst and drama, but also has very tender and emotional moments. Agron's descent into depression is painful to watch, but with the help of Nasir, he slowly realizes that life can go on. Powerful and addictive, I'll Splash Colour on This Grey is definitely a story worth reading!

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