Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Anywhere You Are Will Do by ciel_vert

Anywhere You Are Will Do by ciel_vert

In this sequel to First Pride, Agron surprises Nasir with a road trip vacation to visit his grandmother for her birthday as well as spend time with Nasir's parents and younger brother. As they drive from Boston to San Diego, they experience highs and lows, seeing both the beauty and ugliness of the United States, but through it all, their love only strengthens and grows.

This is another great story written by ciel_vert for the Spartacus Reverse Big Bang event and it's even better than the last! While First Pride was a fluffy and cute, Anywhere You Are Will Do explores some more serious topics. However, there is plenty of fluff and romance and balance out the angst. Definitely give this story a try!

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