Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You're My Home by dreamingkate

You're My Home by dreamingkate

When he was five years old, Blaine was so severely beaten by his drunken father that he suffered brain damage. His older brother, Cooper, was determined to protect his little brother at all costs and take care of him as he grew up. Even though his motor skills aren't as fine tuned, his balance is a little off and it takes him longer to process things, Blaine is still a happy, kindhearted guy. When Kurt catches his eye one afternoon at the mall, he takes a chance and asks him out.

This story somehow manages to break and warm my heart at the same time. Blaine is such an innocent, sweet character that you can't help but root for him as he discovers his talents, abilities and desires. Kurt is
Blaine's knight in shining armor, sticking up for him when jerks try to bring him down and supporting him when he thinks he isn't good enough. I highly suggest reading this lovely story about perseverance, determination and personal growth!

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