Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sacrifice for Love by Jesssy

Starting at a new school, Blaine encounters all of the obligatory problems: not knowing his way around, trying to fit in amongst strangers, and just trying to graduate. However, he has an added obstacle. Due to a birth defect, he must walk with crutches and his legs never quite work the way he wants. Too much exertions tires him out and he has an overly protective mother who doesn't want him to do much of anything out of fear that he'll be hurt. Blaine soon becomes friends with Kurt Hummel, who tries his hardest to shield him from the ignorance and ugliness of his peers. As their feelings for one another grow stronger, Kurt must face the fact that he can't always be there to protect Blaine, no matter how much he wishes he could.

What a lovely story! Jesssy writes each character, both good and bad, in such a way that you want to cheer for them, hug them or strangle them. Such a variety of feelings were elicited through this story, and I find that to be the sign of a truly great story. Definitely check it out!

~ M

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