Monday, October 7, 2013

Hold You in My Arms by badcaseofcasey

Hold You in My Arms by badcaseofcasey

After transferring colleges, Nasir is dragged to a frat party by his good friend, Chadara, in an effort to get him out of the dorm and amongst actual people instead of books and class notes. Feeling out of place and uncomfortable, Nasir hangs out in the corner and basically watches the scene around him. Due to a traumatic experience at his last school, Nasir has nothing good to say about any fraternity or its members...until Agron walks into his life with dimples blazing and a blinding smile on his face. Will Agron be able to break down Nasir's walls and show him that not all frat brothers are calculating, selfish and uncaring?

Oh my! This is an awesome story! The slow progression of Nasir and Agron's relationship is really sweet to watch, and the gradual chipping away of the armor around Nasir's heart will really bring a smile to you face. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and wish it could have continued even farther.

~ M 

*story artwork created by ciel_vert*

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