Monday, October 21, 2013

Wishing Doesn't Make It So by Tristansgirl

Wishing Doesn't Make It So by Tristansgirl

Working as an orderly in a mental institution probably isn't someone's first choice as a job. However, Nasir enjoys and embraces his position because he's helping people and making a difference, no matter how small. When a mysterious patient by the name of Agron is admitted to the institution, Nasir is immediately intrigued. Agron believes he is from a different time, when men were gladiators and had to fight Romans for freedom. Even though Nasir wonders about Agron's sanity and tries his hardest to avoid perpetrating his delusions, he can't help but form a friendship with the confused and lost man. Will Nasir be able to keep their relationship professional or will fate step in and bring two lovers from another time together once again?

This is a really enjoyable story! It's sweet to see the gradual build to Nasir and Agron's relationship and how they try to overcome the obstacles set before them. Agron will make you swoon with his sweet and loving words to Nasir, exhibiting his absolute and unwavering devotion. Unfortunately, the story has not updated for a few months, but hopefully Tristansgirl will provide us with an update in the near future. Send her a PM or leave review to let her know how special this story is! :)

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