Saturday, October 5, 2013

Are You Ready for Me? by chatterboxklaine

Are You Ready for Me? by chatterboxklaine

Blaine is an established Broadway performer and Tony Award-winner who is preparing to embark on his first directing opportunity. While reviewing his script and notes, he decides to grab a bite to eat at a quaint diner known for its employees breaking out into song whenever the mood strikes. When his adorable waiter catches his eye with his good looks and sunny disposition, Blaine is determined to get to know the younger man better...and maybe even audition him for a role in his play.

Sweet, adorable and fluffy, this short story is everything you need for leisure reading on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, the story ended way too soon for my liking, but hopefully chatterboxklaine will write a sequel sometime in the future. I would love to find out what happened between Blaine and Kurt!

~ M

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