Thursday, October 31, 2013

Young Volcanoes by static_abyss

Young Volcanoes by static_abyss

Nasir is sick and tired of his family constantly moving around. He never gets the opportunity to really get to know anyone and feels like as if he's just going through the motions, constantly having to be the "new kid". Enrolling in a new boarding school, Nasir is assured by his parents that the family is going to settle least until he goes to college, which is two years away. Skeptical, Nasir tries to make the best out of the situation. He encounters a motley crew of students who are all relatively friendly (Crixus doesn't like anyone), particularly Agron, the brash, overly confident star athlete and trouble-maker; and Castus, Nasir's suave and flirtatious roommate. Agron immediately calls dibs on the new student and tries his hardest to ensure Nasir doesn't get too close to his nemesis, Castus. Nasir, however, is no one property.

I am absolutely enamored with this story! static_abyss has fleshed out the characters so well that I wish I
was a student at this school and could hang out with this crazy group of people. Nasir is sweet, but also headstrong. He won't take a bunch of crap from anyone, especially Agron. I also appreciate that static_abyss did not make Castus a scheming villain. He's just a regular guy, who is occasionally cocky, but also has good qualities. It will be interesting to see how the relationships between Castus and Nasir, Agron and Nasir and Castus and Agron will play out. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Also check out the companion story, Years of Experience, which follows Barca as he deals with the pressures and expectations placed upon him by his father, his previous romantic relationships and his current devotion to the kindhearted and much younger Pietros.

Definitely give both of these well-written stories a chance! They're two of the best I've read in the Spartacus fandom!

~ M

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