Thursday, June 5, 2014

Book Review: Better Than New by Charley Descoteaux‏

I enjoyed this short story about a college student who harbors a crush on the incredibly handsome owner of his favorite coffee shop. Theo already feels as though he's not quite good enough to gain the attention of enigmatic Ben, but also having a prosthetic leg makes him feel even more unworthy.

The slow burn of the main characters' relationship kept me glued to the story, and the mystery surrounding exactly how Theo lost his leg had me on the edge of my seat. Overall, this is a sweet and virtually uncomplicated love story.

Better Than New
  is a free read from Goodreads' M/M Romance group's annual "Don't Read in the Closet" event "Love's Landscapes". You can read the story here.

This the picture and prompt that inspired the story...
O’ God it’s wonderful
to get out of bed
and drink too much coffee
and smoke too many cigarettes
and love you so much
― from Steps by Frank O’Hara

~ M

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