Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Runaways by DarkAliceLilith

The Runaways Series by DarkAliceLilith

When Agron is 16 his father takes him to the local brothel so he can officially become a man. While there, he encounters a quiet raven-haired boy who piques his interest. Over the course of a year, Agron and Nasir form a strong bond, both emotionally and sexually. Agron is determined to get Nasir out of his bleak situation so that he can live a life of freedom and peace, but he is also determined to get himself and his brother away from their tyrannical father. Will Agron be able to save the two people who mean the most to him?

This story definitely draws you in right from the start. You will feel the pain and despair Nasir experiences as an employee in a brothel, and his elation and warmth when Agron visits. Duro, as always, is an adorably rambunctious character who made me want to hug him one moment and roll my eyes at him the next. Agron takes his paternal/mentor role very seriously, but I could still see that he is but a mere teenager himself and makes silly mistakes...but always with good intentions.

This series consists of two stories, Brothel  and The Runaways , and each are wonderfully addictive. Unfortunately, DarkAliceLilith has not updated The Runaways  in quite some time. The story could end where it is and be okay, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. If you enjoy the story, please leave a comment for DarkAliceLilith and encourage her to give this story and series a proper ending.

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