Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sweetness of a Kiss: Blown Kiss by Brinchen86

Sweetness of a Kiss: Blown Kiss by Brinchen86

Agron's life is constant loop of work, sleeping pills and avoiding thinking as much as possible. He's still trying to come to grips with the death of his beloved brother, but nothing will erase the guilt and responsibility he feels for losing Duro. When he happens upon a little boy and his uncle in the park after a jog, he slowly starts to feel the fog lifting. Things aren't necessary great, but Nasir and Kalib provide a welcome distraction from all the darkness.

Brinchen86 never fails to write interesting, flawed, but inherently good characters in her fanfiction. Blown Kiss, which is part of the "20-day OTP Kiss Challenge", is a lovely story that takes readers into the mind of Agron as he quietly suffers and blames himself for Duro's death. I loved how supportive Nasir is, but he doesn't coddle Agron. Any advice given is straight and to the point, which seems to be exactly what Agron needs. Seeing Nasir raise his nephew is a delightful treat that is portrayed realistically and brought a smile to my face. Even though this is a one-shot in a collection of stories, I would love to read more about the characters in this universe and how their lives unfold. Highly recommended!

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