Friday, June 13, 2014

Not Just a Slave by Adsagsona

Not Just a Slave by Adsagsona

As the son of a very powerful man, Nasir is forced into taking on a slave of his own at a very young age. He doesn't like the idea of slavery in theory, but must overcome his apprehension due to his father's tyrannical and abusive attitude. When he spots a wild young man, not that much older than himself, at the slave market, he's immediately intrigued. Agron is still reeling from being sold into slavery and losing his family and now he must live under the thumb of a Dominus. However, as Nasir and Agron forge a secret friendship, feelings deepen, which could spell disaster for both of them, but particularly Agron. Will they be able to keep their hesitant friendship a secret or will it no longer matter with Agron's plans for escape?

This story drew me in right from the start. Your heart will go out to Nasir as he tries to become his own man, with his own ideas and convictions, but being unable to think freely out of fear of his father's horrible temper and disposition. Agron does his best to remain the docile slave, but you can definitely see the fire simmering just below the surface. He cares for his young Dominus and determines he will be one of the few he does not kill when he escapes. I look forward to seeing how Nasir and Agron's relationship continues to grow as Agron opens up a little more each day to the sweet and kindhearted young man he serves.

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