Friday, June 6, 2014

Life's Broken Path by kateyes085

Life's Broken Path by kateyes085

Nasir, a Berkeley college student studying ancient history and Mediterranean archeology, has his entire life in front of him. Unfortunately life has thrown a curve ball when he discovers he has the same cancer that took his father's life years before. Nasir heart yearns for companionship, and his older brother never seems to have time for him. Even though he fears his life will be cut short, he wants to feel a connection before it's too late. One day he (literally) bumps into a tall, green-eyed man and the two embark on a night filled with passion. Agron obviously wants to extend their budding relationship, but Nasir feels it's better to be grateful for the wonderful experience, disappear from the wonderful man's life and cut his losses. Will Agron be able to find the man who captured his heart and will Nasir accept him if he does?

This story, while heavy on the angst, is beautiful. katyeyes085 manages to capture the emotions of all the characters so well that they're palpable. Your heart will ache as Nasir struggles with his illness and treatment; and Agron regrets not obtaining contact information from the man he spent an incredible evening with. Just so you all know, there is no character death in the story. You'll be taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions, but it's so worth it!

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