Monday, June 23, 2014

We Struggle Together by SubtextEquals

We Struggle Together by SubtextEquals

Nasir and Agron are together and working on rebuilding their relationship, trust and insecurity issues. Agron still struggles with the pain of losing his brother, while Nasir tries his best to support him. However, old habits die hard and Nasir is faced with the notion that maybe being with Agron isn't the best for either of them.

In this sequel to I Do It for Your Love, readers' hearts will go out to Agron and Nasir as they try their best to just be together. Sometimes their relationship is great, and sometimes their relationship can be downright scary. Family and friends fear for Nasir and try to convince him to break up with Agron, but he won't give up on him. I absolutely love the universe that SubtextEquals has created with this series. Readers are definitely in for an emotional roller coaster, but it's so worth it! Check it out!

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