Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Review: Puzzle Me This by Eli Easton

Luke Shumaker begins receiving cryptic messages in the local newspaper's daily crossword puzzle that seem eerily aimed at him. Alex Shaw, a crossword puzzle writer, has had a crush on the game designer, and fellow neighbor, for a while and figures the messages would be an interesting and different way to get his attention. When the men finally meet, there is instant chemistry, but there is also one glaring obstacle: Alex is confined to a wheelchair.

I thought this story was sweet and relatively uncomplicated. The chemistry between the MCs was great and I really enjoyed their humorous banter. I did feel that the requisite conflict/misunderstanding was little cliche, but the author didn't drag it out forever. Unfortunately, the ending came rather abruptly and left me wanting more to help tie things up completely.

Like many of Andrew Grey's books, I appreciated that Eli Easton incorporated towns and locations with which I'm familiar in rural Pennsylvania. It's always nice to read about these places in fiction and know that I can relate in some fashion. :)

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