Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Choice by ladyvenoms

The Choice by ladyvenoms

While in the midst of battle, the unthinkable happens and Agron fears that he's lost Nasir forever. However, a supernatural force gives Nasir a second chance at life, but it would turn him into a monster and force him to give up those who loves most.

I don't often come across many Nagron stories that involve this kind of supernatural element (vampires), but I must say I'm impressed so far. The consequences Nasir must endure are a refreshing change, especially if you're familiar with the Twilight  series and how everything turned into bed of roses when Bella became a vampire. My heart breaks for both Agron and Nasir as they try to come grips with the loss of their relationship, closeness and love. I'm really looking forward to seeing what ladyvenoms does with this story going forward!

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