Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Freedom is What You Do With What's Been Done to You by aislingdoheanta

After success as a gladiator, Agron is sold to Julius Caesar and charged with being his bodyguard. Life basically means nothing to Agron after the death of his brother in the arena, so he keeps quiet and focuses on his tasks. However, when another slave, Nasir, tries to break down his walls, Agron soon finds himself falling under his spell. They live a life without free will and choice, but Agron dreams of a day when he and his love can live a life of free of Roman demands and servitude.

This story is beyond good. I practically read all 10 chapters in one sitting and I don't regret one moment! aislingdoheanta has created an alternate universe in which readers see how the lives of Agron and Nasir are quite different without the influence and encouragement of Spartacus. The love story is 100% swoon-worthy and will definitely bring a smile to your face. Give this engrossing story a try, it's emotional, tense and just all around good!

~ M

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