Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If Your Heart Wears Thin, I Will Hold You Up by En_Kelleher

If Your Heart Wears Thin, I Will Hold You Up by En_Kelleher

Nasir feels himself drifting away from his boyfriend of two years after he starts hanging around a new group of friends. He also starts developing feelings for one new friend in particular, Agron, who would do anything to put a smile on Nasir's face. When a tragic event occurs, Nasir's life is sent into a tailspin. Will he be able to continue his friendship with Agron or will guilt and regret push them apart?

I don't know if I struck gold or if this is just an awesome coincidence, but the last couple ofNagron stories I've read recently have been out of this world!  If Your Heart Wears Thin... is one of those great stories that you can't put down because you're so engrossed in the characters and the storyline. Agron is absolutely delightful as the overly eager puppy who wants Nasir's friendship...and his love. Poor Nasir is torn because he's in a relationship, but he cannot deny his growing feelings for the lovable oaf. Definitely check out this story to see if Nasir and Agron get their HEA!

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